Chương Trình Quản Trị Viên Tập Sự Của Suntory PepsiCo 2018 – Công Ty Nước Giải Khát Hàng Đầu Việt Nam (Hạn cuối: 28/02)

Sau bao ngày trông ngóng, chương trình tuyển dụng lớn nhất trong năm của SPVB dành cho các bạn trẻ cả nước mang tên “Quản trị viên tập sự – Management Trainee (MT) 2018” đã chính thức lên sóng.

Tham gia chương trình, bạn sẽ trở thành nhân viên chính thức của công ty, được học tập, làm việc, tham gia dự án và luân chuyển qua các phòng ban với lộ trình trở thành nhà quản lý chỉ trong vòng 3 năm!

Với tất cả những đặc quyền trên, bạn có nghĩ rằng MT chỉ dành cho “Con nhà người ta”? Lầm to! Dẫu cho các bạn có muôn hình vạn trạng tính cách, khả năng và sở thích, SPVB vẫn sẽ luôn dang tay chào đón. Vì chúng tôi tôn trọng sự khác biệt và tin rằng mỗi cá nhân có một tiềm năng riêng để khai phá, chỉ cần bạn có đủ quyết tâm và đam mê.

Vì vậy, hãy quên đi những định kiến, tin tưởng vào bản thân và cho mình một cơ hội thử thách tuyệt vời với SPVB MT 2018 nhé!


Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage is a strategic alliance between PepsiCo & Suntory which emerges from the cluttered Beverage Industry as an innovative leader.

Our Management Trainee Program is designed to look for the brightest young talents and develops them into future leaders who drives our sustainable business growth in all departments: Sales, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Operations, IT, Legal.

Since the establishment in 2006, generations of Management Trainees have been holding key managerial positions in Suntory PepsiCo, who day by day bring to life our vision of becoming a $1-billion-company.

Our culture appreciates your originality, nurtures your talent, strengthens your identity, empowers you to learn and grow towards a brilliant career. If you’re driven, passionate and ambitious, this is exactly the opportunities you are looking for. We will give successful candidates the right platform to fast track their career within our organization and provide them with foundation for their functional, managerial skills and business acumen.


  • Expose to a fast moving, versatile & innovative business setting
  • Be a part of a dynamic, professional, strong and committed team
  • Self-develop in an intensive, systematic & challenging program
  • Become a successful manager in 3 years

Come and imprint your personal mark on our tree of growth. Let your true self shine!



  • Fresh graduates (Bachelor/Master Degree from all backgrounds) / graduates
  • with maximum 1 year experience (particularly for Production, Maintenance Function, maximum 2 years of experience), Vietnamese nationality
  • GPA (Grade Point Average): above 7.0 out of 10 or equivalent
  • Honest, proactive, innovative, self-motivated
  • Result oriented, collaborating, influencing & innovating
  • Leadership potential
  • English fluency and computer literacy
  • A strong desire to work for Fast-moving Consumer Goods industry


  • Employees at L4/L5 with at least 1 year of working experience at Suntory PepsiCo
  • PDR rating of the latest year: at least 4/3 or 3/4 (if employee does not have enough work experience to have PDR rating, he/she must get the nomination and recommendation from Line manager and Field HR on performance, potential, etc. as required of the program. These recommendations are stated in “Nomination letter” for reference)
  • Honest, proactive, innovative & self-motivated
  • Result oriented, collaborating & influencing & innovating
  • Leadership potential
  • English fluency and computer literacy
  • A strong desire to work for Fast-moving Consumer Goods industry


  • Be detailed but focused & simple
  • Be evident
  • Read and follow guidelines


  • Test link is sent to provided email
  • All three tests (Logical Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning & Verbal Reasoning) are in English
  • You can search for some sample tests to get familiar with the style of testing


  • The interview will be in both Vietnamese and English
  • The aim of this interview is for us to understand more about you, your motivations and your career orientation, so be yourself in every question
  • Share with us full context of your own experiences/achievements in your academic life, extra curriculum activities and professions (if any).
  • Ensure you arrive on time for your interview and that you are relaxed and presentable


  • The One-Day Assessment includes three core activities: Games, Case Challenges and Panel Interview. This mix gives you a great opportunity to demonstrate your skills and experiences
  • The activities will be conducted in both Vietnamese and English
  • We will be looking for lots of different competencies – teamwork, problem solving, leadership, decision making, innovation, etc.


  • Expected on-boarding time will be May, 2018
  • On-boarding process and induction schedule process will be briefed to successful candidates in more details

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