[HCM] Paktor Prime Vietnam Tuyển Senior Relationship Executive Và Sales & Marketing Intern 2016

Paktor is the leading SE Asian provider of various social networking platforms that are dedicated to helping Asian singles meet other singles in the region. Paktor emphasizes anonymity, locality, and usability for our users. We find out who you’d like to meet nearby and connect you with them if they’re also interested. Or to put it simply, we bring people together: without the pressure. After all, that’s what Paktor means.

About Paktor Prime

Paktor Prime is the first offline dating agency in Vietnam that offers personalized matching services and organizing singles events. As a subsidiary of Paktor, we ride on the rising trend of mobile dating applications to bring singles together into real life dates. Our compatibility algorithm is also backed by neuroscience research and user behavioral study from more than two billion swipes on Paktor. After all, we want to use our scale and capability to increase the opportunities for singles to find their life partner by going PRIME!

Website: https://prime.gopaktor.com/#/home

1. Senior Relationship Executive


Paktor is seeking a  energetic and passionate Senior Relationship Executive  to join our offline dating team Paktor Prime! Apart from meeting new people and helping singles find the love of their lives, you will also:

Research and Analysis:

  • Prepare a brief summary of clients before every meetings
  • Conduct qualitative in-depth-interview and Pair-depth interview in the future.
  • Do topline and reports if required

Customer Relationship Management

  • Meet prospective clients; develop and maintain new client relationships
  • Be responsible for monthly Sale KPI
  • Cold calling to arrange meetings with potential customers to prospect for new business;
  • Manage onboarding of clients and ensure superior client service to contribute to the overall client experience of the company
  • Responding to incoming email and phone enquiries
  • Ensure prompt and accurate delivery of services to your client portfolio
  • Maintaining and developing relationships with existing customers in person and via telephone calls and emails
  • Attending team meetings and sharing best practice with colleagues


  • Representing their company at trade exhibitions, events and demonstration
  • Preparing & arranging in-house and external events.
  • Coordinate between various divisions and products to offer personalized dating advice for clients


You are someone based in Viet Nam who loves meeting new people and the passion for sales. You will go the extra mile to close the deal and you understand how crucial strategic planning is in securing a sale. Finally, you are also someone who constantly strives to achieve your quotas and believe that nothing is impossible.

  • 1-2 years of sales experience with proven track record in sales
  • Good client engagement ability (e.g. communication and presentation skills)
  • Drive to succeed and focused to achieve the assigned sales quota
  • Courage and ability to take responsibility in the whole sales process
  • Good command of written and spoken English
  • Rich knowledge of fashion world, e.g. fashion brands, accessories, fashion trend, etc,
  • Passion in fashion consultation, e.g. discover the client’s needs/shortcomings and be able to inspire and guide them to change
  • Researching, updating and spotting fashion trends, etc.
  • Ability to start immediately is a plus

We offer an attractive commission structure and flexible work hours that suits anyone looking to work on a full-time basis.

2. Sales & Marketing Intern 


In order to execute our plan, we have met with the person in charge, Mr. Nhan, in order to arrange us possible appointments with current employees and past employees. Mr. Nhan has quite well connection with the some employees within the company as well as some who worked for TRG International before. It took us quite long in order to wait for Mr. Nhan to arrange it for us. He himself is also busy with work so we had to keep in touch and remind him about the interview. After, we get to interview with 4 current employees and 2 past employees who are either friends or goods connection with Mr. Nhan. Since it is not comfortable to talk about “the company” within the company, we have invited them out to a coffee shop by different times. We have almost spent a day at the coffee shop for the stay interviews and half of another day for the exit interview for which Anh was in charge of the 4 current employees and Nhat was in charge of the 2 past employees; Ban was the photographer for both the interview.

During the interview, we asked them mostly about how the current feel or have felt about the company and their working experiences based on the standard questionaires. (Apendix).

Actual outcomes

Through out the interview, we have learnt that the employees who stays actually felt satisfied with the current positions, current salary, current reward treatment of the company. However, it seems that they are not truly impressed or strongly emotionally attached to the company. There are team bonding activities such as company travelling or parties, however, those interns who have just worked or those have just been working for more than a month still feel strange and unable to connect strongly with the current long-term employees. Therefore, they wouldn’t  have the motivation to come back to the company as they have already learn everything possible from TRG Internation thtough the training session. The working environment is also one of the aspect the makes the developers feel less attached to the company since it is not comfortable enough for them to stay either short or long period of time. The space is small and it always make them feel out of oxygen.

Regarding the exit interview, the reasons of them leaving the company are the conflicts of ideas and opinions with the supervisors, the boredom of working in a B2B environment as well as they have nothing new to learn at the company. And interestingly, they did actually feel uncomfortable with the working space at the company as they remind themselves about past experience with TRG International. In the end, they think that it would be better for TRG if there is a better collaboration among employees and a better working environment.


As mentioned, we have faced a long period of waiting in order to be able to process our interview since both Mr. Nhan and the interviewees are busy. This has caused the delay within our plan and made us unable to analyze the situation and suggesting solutions as soon as possible.

Besides, the interview didn’t go smooth as we expected them to be. The current employees actually unwilling to discuss about their true feelings about the company or any of their bad experience as they think it would hurt their relationship with the advisor and the company. We actually have spent our time in order to talk about our own experience at other companies as well as make the interview more like a friend meetings by asking around regarding their hobbies, their interests in order for them to be more comfortable talking with us. After all, though there is not much information as we thought it should be, we did able to get them to speak to the points.

Recommendation about the Training

As employees, especially the interns, would leave the company after they finish their training at TRG International, the company should have broken down the training into 2 parts: Basic and Advanced, for which Basic training is for fresh interns and Advanced training is for those stays or comeback after the internship. The objective of this is to give the interns the motivation to stay or comeback to the company after their first training. However, there is a posibility that the basic training is not enough for the interns to first familiar with the works or that the advanced training included contents that are ont attractive to the interns. Therefore, there is a need of ones specialized in the training and ones specialized in the works relateds in order to break apart the training program into 2 appropriate parts. Another risky possibility is that the interns actually don’t know about the advanced training or don’t know if it is actually attractive or not. Hence, it is the responsibility of the trainers in order keep reminding the interns about the advanced training and how it will be helpful for later working experiences.


Send CV to email anh@gopaktor.com with email subject: [PAK] Possition_Full name

Deadline: 30 May 2016

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