[HCM] ZALORA Tuyển Public Relations (PR) Intern, Partnership Intern 2016

ZALORA GROUP là một hãng thời trang online đi đầu châu Á. Thành lập ăm 2012, công ty có mặt ở Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Thái Lan, Việt Nam, Hồng Kông với tên ZALORA và ở Australia cũng như New Zealand với tên THE ICONIC. 



  • Start-up culture, flat organization with global knowledge sharing
  • Steep learning curve and opportunity to make an impact early on within a rapid-growing industry
  • Regional & Global career growth opportunities

Job description:

  • Develop, execute and report on the PR strategy, coordinating with regional PR team and across all marketing channels to ensure its effectiveness and maximizing outcome
  • Determine monthly and quarterly projects and targets together with marketing team
  • Coordinate with marketing team in planning and executing all mass media initiatives: TVC, Print Ad, Billboards, Radio.
  • Maintaining and growing relationships with media and influencers to enable the awareness of ZALORA
  • Understand the ZALORA targeted customers – Develop the right communication strategy, internally and externally, be able to share a consistent message with public
  • Events & Sponsorship: TV shows, Fashion events, Showroom openings, press-conferences, etc.
  • Manage Articles/ Editorials; Business related (e.g. funding, manager profile, e-commerce related…); News (e.g. launch of new brand, new office, fashion show news…)
  • Business relationship management, maintain and build strong ties with business related partners and influencers to help business development


  • Internet savvy and passionate about E-commerce and Fashion
  • Excellent sense of design and attention to detail
  • Advanced knowledge in Microsoft Office
  • Resilient, performance driven individual, able to deal with stress and changes
  • Confident, outgoing personality with good negotiation skills, comfortable approaching new people outside own network
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Well organized  and good administrative skills
  • Self-disciplined, able to work with tight deadlines
  • Creative and proactive, pushes ideas and constantly re-evaluates existing structures




  • Develop business development strategies to find external customer data bases as well as value-adding for existing customers via sponsorship from online and offline partners or any other activation on partnership basis.
  • Coordinate with other functions and channels to ensure partnership execution.
  • Organize and lead offline events as well as other ATL (Above-The-Line) initiatives, such as offline sale and fashion shows, pop-up store, TVC, Print Ads…
  • Develop plan, execute and build regular report on the Partnership strategy according to target ROI, budget and growth direction.


  • Excellent communication skills & Presentable
  • Highly driven and attention to details
  • Vibrant, outgoing and friendly character
  • Experience in sale and event organizing is required
  • Strong networks (in one or multiple industries) a bonus.


We are Customer-centred

We know that the business is not just about us. We seek what is best for our customers, the life blood of our business.

We act like Owners

By embracing ownership we adopt entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour.

We strive for Excellence

We are tenacious in pursuing greatness in our work and we have an insatiable thirst to always be the best in what we do.

We keep innovating

We are encouraged to challenge ourselves and each other, and to challenge prevailing assumptions when warranted and suggest better approaches when needed to advance innovation.

We maintain Unwavering Integrity

We are straightforward and transparent in all our collaboration. Above all we see honesty and integrity as the bedrock of any stakeholder relationship.

We work and have fun as a Team

Endeavouring to be the best is a lot of work and by working together as a TEAM we do things better, faster and accomplish bigger things. Above all we provide an environment that is fun to help bring out the best in every ZALORIAN.

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