[HN, HCM & Đồng Nai] CGV Tuyển Dụng Tập Trung Nhiều Vị Trí Tháng 10/2016 (Hạn cuối: 31/10)


Working Place: Bien Hoa, Dong Nai

Position Duties:

  • Inventory management: Coordinated Store Keeper to complete inventory reports on time
  • Bank-Cash management: Book all cash bank receipts + payments and post weekly.
  • Management of accounts receivable and payable
  • Understand the promotions running during the month. Ensure the recognition of costs and revenues fully
  • Payment at site: Check all payment documents and prepare payment documents on Monday weekly
  • Payment at site: Check all payment documents and prepare payment documents on Monday weekly
  • Declare VAT +PIT Report ,Report on the use of quarterly invoices
  • Training Store Keeper/Head Cashier.  Other task as assign by Chief Accountant

Position Requirements:

  • University graduated in accounting& auditing field
  • A minimum of 3 years accounting experience in international company
  • Experience in Accounting Software
  • Good in Excel
  • Team work spirit, leadership and training skills
  • Well organized, high integrity and honesty.

Contact Information: Recruitment Team – cgvtalent@cj.net CC vietnamcareers2016@gmail.com Title [CGV] – [Địa điểm] – [Vị trí] – [Họ tên]


Working Place: HCMC


  • Support Marketing Team (Brand, Social Media, Event & related project)
  • Execute the simple tasks as requested by Supervisor


  • Fresh-Graduate or Senior Student – University degree in PR-Marketing, Media or related fields.
  • Have good knowledge about Brands
  • Good English communication (both speaking and writing)
  • Willing-to-learn attitude
  • Willing to take more challenges and responsibilities
  • Responsible for self-development
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Innovative
  • Competent at Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)


  • Professional development;
  • Excellent working environment in a great team;
  • Training will be provided for various tools and techniques;
  • Potential for making permanent after or during the internships;
  • Parking Allowance & film voucher.
  • Duration: 2-3 months.
  • Application deadline: 30/9/2016

Contact Information: Recruitment Team – cgvtalent@cj.net CC vietnamcareers2016@gmail.com Title [CGV] – [Địa điểm] – [Vị trí] – [Họ tên]


Working place: Hanoi, HCMC

Job description

  • Solidify North/South area development resource & capability
  • Updating information of real estate market and others related.
  • Doing feasibility study/ researches for any potential business site development for CGV Cinema.
  • Analyzing and making recommendations
  • Assisting in negotiating for the best deal
  • Upon closing the deal, preparing contracts/ documents needed for it.


  • University Graduated
  • At least 4-5 years experience working in retail real estate business field.
  • Act with integrity
  • Communicate effectively
  • Mature and highly responsible mind
  • Will be able to handle multi tasks
  • Have good manner and attitude

Contact Information: Recruitment Team – cgvtalent@cj.net CC vietnamcareers2016@gmail.com Title [CGV] – [Địa điểm] – [Vị trí] – [Họ tên]


Working Place: HCMC

Position Objective

  • Work for one of Vietnam’s best-known and most-loved brands as Cinema Marketing Senior Executive at CGV Cinemas Vietnam. Make a meaningful contribution to Vietnam’s leading entertainment venue by being in the lead of retail and entertainment.
  • The ideal candidate is someone who demonstrates incredible passion for exceeding customer expectations and enhancing the company’s perceived value by its customers.

Key Accountabilities

Marketing plan & execution

  • Coordinate and develop sustained local area marketing activities and that support cinemas efforts that drive ticket and concession sales
  • Coordinate with cinema staff–primarily through Cinema Manager, but also Assistant Cinema Managers–to create and implement local area marketing initiatives. This may also include amplifying distributors’ marketing activities at the local level.  An example of a local area marketing activity is working with the Cinema Manager to develop a targeted school activity program for students.
  • Ensure seamless integration between offline and online marketing activities and programs
  • Ensure rational integration between global and local area marketing activities and programs
  • Actively monitor competitive landscape for direct and indirect competitors at local area and recommend counter-measures at local area level
  • Develop the importance of local area marketing in the overall marketing mix
  • Coordinating closely with Film Marketing and Cinema Marketing to ensure all marketing activities/ campaigns in line with overall marketing messages
  • Be an active contributor for cinema marketing promotion planning
  • Develop relationships with local area online communities (i.e. SNS, forums, web sites, mobile, etc.) and offline communities (i.e. business groups, community and education centers, government, etc.) to accelerate CGV Cinemas brand leadership in the cinema’s immediate service area
  • Assisting other marketing activities run by the Department and the Company

Event Management

  • Plan and work with event agency for any new cinema launching event, new products launch
  • Develop events related to particular movie release/ seasonal events inside or outside the cinemas.

Customer Engagement / Community Outreach

  • Pursue active engagement through offline, online, and especially viral avenues that enhance customer loyalty specifically to each cinema location and to the CGV Cinemas brand.

Communication & Facilitation

  • Communicate, facilitate, and manage various marketing and operations-related activities with internal and external stakeholders.  Examples of internal stakeholders include, but are not limited to: CGV Distribution, CGV Media Sales, CGV Cinema Operations, and Finance and Accounting.  Examples of external stakeholders include, but are not limited to: signage vendors, building owners, interactive agencies, PR agencies, and marketing agencies.

Project Management

  • Support the budgeting, monitoring, and reporting on marketing and cinema operations activities related to cinema marketing.Budget Management
    • Drive and support marketing activities that enhance ticket and concession sales, while also keeping customer acquisition costs within reason.

    Job Requirement

    • Language: Fluency in Vietnamese; Good in English
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or business in preferred
    • At least 3 years working in retail, FMCG Marketing, advertising agency. Strong point in Below-The-Line is preferred
    • Good Leadership skill
    • Excellent in using flexible and different marketing tools
    • Able to work in a fast-paced and demanding environment
    • Microsoft Office Suite required


    Working Place: Hanoi

    Position Objective

    • Be responsible for developing, maintaining, and managing the reputation of the Company by planning, developing, and implementing PR strategies.

    Key Accountabilities

    • Planning PR strategy (30%) by liaising with colleagues and external stakeholders, collecting and analyzing media coverage, etc.
    • Implementing PR strategy for business expansion (40%) by: researching, producing, and distributing media pieces; leading PR for new site launches; leading PR for new business lines; and managing the PR aspect of potential crises.
    • Fostering community relations (30%) by leading CSR activities including but not limited to film festivals, charity movie screenings, film-making classes, and fundraising drives.

    Position Requirement

    • We want a sharp and proactive person who is comfortable with “big picture” thinking as much as with details. The best candidates will have:
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills
    • High awareness of Vietnam’s media landscape (traditional and digital channels, key influencers, etc.)
    • Comfort with multi-tasking in a high-pressure and rapidly-changing environment
    • Initiative and creativity
    • Fluency in English and Vietnamese
    • Experience (4+ years full-time) in marketing and PR


    Working Place: HCMC

    Position objective

    Based in CGV University Vietnam, CJ CGV Vietnam, you will be responsible for planning, coordinating and conducting training need analysis and training programs in order to enhance the quality of both employees and staff performance and efficiency in handling cinema customers.

    Position duties

    Fully in charge of Training:

    • Developing training materials based on training need analysis and requirements from Top Management.
    • Ensuring that all training activities are in accordance to the needs of the cinema operations and all training programs have been smoothly executed.
    • Review training policies, procedures, practices and materials. Recommend improvement to Management.
    • Work closely with team members and operations to provide support related to training (if required).

    Administrative Responsibilities

    • Maintain and update training policies and training matters.
    • Checks and amends any training activities, programs, policies and curriculum.
    • Maintain employees, supervisory and management records of training.
    • Managing the delivery of training programs, and devising a training strategy for the company.

    Technical Responsibilities

    • Develops curriculum and facilitates training courses.
    • Conduct post-training evaluation and review the quality of training courses.
    • Conducts and monitors re-training program to update skills and information for currently employees and staff.
    • Oversees issues and training for employees and staff.

    Human Responsibilities

    • Ensure that the internal training courses be organized in all service and the training will provide all employees and staff improved skills and that it remains in accordance with the service and the company’s norms.
    • Implements and monitors effective employee relations.

    Position requirement

    • At least 2 years experiences in relevant Training and Service industry.
    • Proficiency in the use of PowerPoint, Excel, Words and comfortable with using appropriate software.
    • Excellent presentation skills.
    • Good time management skill.
    • Fluent in English and Vietnamese.

    Key competencies

    • Team work and ability to collaborate.
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
    • Researching new technologies and methodologies in workplace to deliver quality training.


    Working Place: F8, 25 Le Dai Hanh, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

    • Assist to develop printing plan and manage POSM display at screening cinemas
    • Plan and coordinate with Cinema Manager or Assistant Cinema Manager to propose a printing plan including number of posters, flyers, standees, banners (both out of home and front of home) for all screening cinemas.
    • Coordinate with printing supplier to ensure product quality, delivery deadline and price policy are being met according to company/unit standard and requirement.

    Assist to implement outdoor marketing plans / activities including:

    • Outside Banner: Prepare license, coordinate with supplier to ensure product quality, delivery deadline.
    • Billboard: Follow deadline and report
    • Corporate: Plan and manage flyer, poster delivery to corporate locations.

    Be responsible for ambient activities including:

    • Outdoor: Plan and manage flyer delivery and other ad material delivery deem fit.
    • Promotion campaigns: Assist to collect necessary information for building up the plan. Assist to run campaigns and make the report
    • Assist to make payment documents for marketing expenses
    • Be responsible for POSM report
    • Provide support and assistance to press screenings and other marketing/PR events.
    • Execute other tasks being assigned by Film Marketing Executive from time to time.


    • University degree with major in marketing or related fields
    • 1-2 years working experience in the related fields of marketing, account servicing, advertising & media
    • Knowledge in movie and entertainment
    • Highly creative but detailed minded;
    • Good communication and language skills (both English and Vietnamese)
    • Cheerful and friendly personality
    • Strong people skills, and highly team-spirited
    • Able to work under tight time lines and on flexible hours

Contact Information: Recruitment Team – cgvtalent@cj.net CC vietnamcareers2016@gmail.com Title [CGV] – [Địa điểm] – [Vị trí] – [Họ tên]


Working Place: HCMC

Position Objective

  • Provides and maintains a wide variety of aspects related to management reports and financial analysis;
  • The incumbent will be accountable for the key accountabilities outlined below, however this is not a definitive list and the incumbent may be required to perform additional duties from time to time as determined by the Company.

Key Accountabilities

  • Monitor the Budget Controlling. Support to review and verify the budget controlling reports;
  • Maintain the monthly management reports with including the gap analysis and action plans;
  • Coordinate with the head of departments for data collection and preparing the monthly forecast;
  • Support on yearly Budget preparation and Mid term plan;
  • Prepare other ad-hoc reports/analysis as required by the management.

Job Requirement

  • University graduated in finance and accounting field;
  • At least 3 – 4 years of experience on finance analysis;
  • English fluency in speaking and writing;
  • Priority on those who are carefully;
  • Computer proficiency: Excel, Word, PDF, Powerpoint;
  • Be able to work under high pressure, tight deadlines;
  • Well organized, high integrity and honesty.

Contact Information: Recruitment Team – cgvtalent@cj.net CC vietnamcareers2016@gmail.com Title [CGV] – [Địa điểm] – [Vị trí] – [Họ tên]


Location: Hanoi

Job Description

  • Assist in writing and releasing new press release, information for movie or any event that is held by CGV.
  • Organize high profile and high quality press events, movie premiere to promote films.
  • Update film stills, writing materials and create promotion program for exhibition media channels (Facebook, website).
  • Follow up media coverage for each movie or company’s activity and do PR online report on a daily basis.
  • Make payments for all PR campaigns, events, materials that run in Hanoi.


  • Good communication, interpersonal and writing skills
  • Creativity, imagination and initiative
  • Good teamwork, hard working, flexibility and a willing to learn


Working Place: HCMC

Báo cáo cho: Operation Manager (Foreigner)

Mô tả công việc:

  • Nghiên cứu và xây dựng quy trình đảm bảo an toàn vệ sinh thực phẩm phù hợp với thực trạng CGV Việt Nam và đáp ứng tiêu chuẩn quốc tế.
  • Đề xuất mua sắm các trang thiết bị hổ trợ các cụm rạp trong việc đảm bảo An toàn vệ sinh thực phẩm (ATVSTP).
  • Training và guideline các cụm rạp tuân thủ các quy tắc đảm bảo ATVSTP.
  • Báo cáo và có đề xuất các biện pháp khắc chế với các trường hợp vi phạm ATVSTP.
  • Kiểm tra/thanh tra theo định kì được yêu cầu từ quản lí line manager.

Yêu cầu:

  • Tốt nghiệp Đại học chuyên ngành Công nghệ thực phẩm
  • Có kinh nghiệm tối thiểu 1-3 năm tại vị trí đương tương.
  • Nhanh nhẹn, trung thực, chịu được áp lực cao
  • Có khả năng làm ngoài giờ
  • Giao tiếp tốt tiếng Anh

Contact Information: Recruitment Team – cgvtalent@cj.net CC vietnamcareers2016@gmail.com Title [CGV] – [Địa điểm] – [Vị trí] – [Họ tên]


Working Place: HCMC

Report to: Operation Manager (Foreigner)

Position Objective:

  • Create & conduct the regulations of safety management
  • Manage the safety issues through communicating with HQ(CJ Group) & local government (Fire or hygiene office)

Position Accountabilities

  • Manage all the daily tasks of safety team;
  • Create and conduct the development plan on safety management tasks;
  • Create and conduct supervising methods, improve on Site Safety management (Risk management)
  • Supervisor & audit on Site safety (fire prevention, electric safety, labor safety, etc.);
  • Create the solutions and analyze the risks/incidents;
  • Spread out the best practice of safety prevention.

Position Requirement

  • Univesity Graduated, knowledge & certificate in Safety, Fire Prevention, etc.;
  • 1-3 years of experience in similar position;
  • Fluent in English;
  • Good ability of computing skills on Word/ Excel;
  • Can work under high pressure;
  • Ability to analyze, organize. Good in communication and negotiation;
  • Careful, hard- working, responsible.

Contact Information: Recruitment Team – cgvtalent@cj.net CC vietnamcareers2016@gmail.com Title [CGV] – [Địa điểm] – [Vị trí] – [Họ tên]


Working place: HCM


  • Maintaining and developing the company web site and mobile app
  • Developing Web App functionalities
  • Support to website designer in website and micro website develops
  • Responsible for all of programming works of Web App project
  • QA testing of code written


  • At least 2 year experience working as Magento web programmer
  • HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript/JQuery skills required. Magento Certificate is a plus
  • Experience with Web Server on Linus/Centos and Window Web Server are a plus
  • Ability to work under pressure and in a team
  • English skills in reading and writing

Contact Information: Recruitment Team – cgvtalent@cj.net CC vietnamcareers2016@gmail.com Title [CGV] – [Địa điểm] – [Vị trí] – [Họ tên]


CJ CGV Việt Nam

Tầng 10 – CJ Building – 2 – 4 – 6 Lê Thánh Tôn

Quận 1 – TP. Hồ Chí Minh

Email: cgvtalent@cj.net

Tham gia ngay group Tôi Tìm Việc để cập nhật việc làm hấp dẫn dẫn nhất:http://bit.ly/JobMaps

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